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New Year 2018!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely start to the year!

Before I start posting my game reviews this year, I wanted to notify you of a few new things I’m adding to the blog!

If you didn’t know already, at the end of last year, I started both a Twitch and a YouTube channel! You can check them out here and here, respectively.

For Twitch, I’m hoping to start streaming more often, both games that are unrelated to my blog’s content and games that I’ve blogged about that you might want to see more of! I’m aiming for Sundays, but I’ll make a post when I’ve figured out some definitive times.

My YouTube channel will be posting the occasional Twitch highlight video and a new series of videos I’m currently listing as “Coming Soon.” These “Coming Soon” videos will be 20-30min previews of games I will later be reviewing for my blog here. I’ll do this for most of the games I review.

The Twitch highlight videos will not be posted on this website, so if you’d like to keep up with them, Subscribe to my YouTube channel! As for the “Coming Soon” videos, those will be posted onto here so you can get a teaser for games to come.

In other updates, I will now be posting on Saturday mornings due to some scheduling changes, and my first post will be on January 13th!

Finally, if you have any recommendations for games you’d like to see me play, please let me know! I’m currently mostly using my PS4, my Mac, and my Nintendo 3DS, but I also will take recommendations on other systems (provided that I have them).

I’m hoping this will be another great year in gaming, and I look forward to the games to come!

Happy gaming!

~ M

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    1. That’s so exciting! The PS4 has a lot of great games, and it’s been one of my favorite consoles so far. (I only got mine the Christmas before last so I’m also working on catching up!)

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