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Questions & Answers – 2017

You asked and I answered! Thank you very much to everyone who sent in their questions! These were a lot of fun to answer!

Without further ado:

1. A Geek Girl’s Guide asks: Favorite game you played in 2017?

I have an extended answer to this in my upcoming post, but to narrow it down: it’d be a tie between Persona 5 and Transistor. Both feature beautiful soundtracks, stunning art styles, and really engaging characters, all of which are my favorite things I look for when choosing video games. Both are also the types of games that I would pick up and play again immediately after the credits finish rolling.

2. Bisexualowain asks: What is a game that you really love but that very few people have played?

I’m not sure if this falls under the “very few people have played,” but I never hear anyone talk about Super Princess Peach for the Nintendo DS. Now I’m not one to usually play platformers, but this game was fun and clever and one of those games that really took advantage of the dual screens. Honestly, sometimes I go back and do random levels just for the fun of it. Hopefully one day Nintendo will make a sequel for it, because it really deserves one.

3. Sonthebun asks: What is considered good DLC?

I would consider good DLC stories that enhance or add to the base game’s story, without using it for details that were necessary for the base game in the first place. I’ll use Fire Emblem: Awakening as an example here: “Future Past” is considered one of the best DLC packs for the game because it provides more information on the second generation of characters before they entered Awakening’s story. Some of the dialogue that occurs is also based on who their parents are, so this can change with every new playthrough of Awakening. That being said, none of the information provided in “Future Past” was required for understanding Awakening, so it really just served as extra details for people who wanted more information.

4. Sonthebun also asks: Does the length of a game matter when compared to that game’s story?

Overall, I don’t think length matters when it comes to writing a good game story: I’ve seen good stories in as little as an hour (Old Man’s Journey) and I’ve seen good stories that are around 100 hours (Persona 5). It all depends on what the writer(s) were trying to say and if they can convey it well in the time they did decide to use. Granted, sometimes with the shorter games I do wish they were longer only because sometimes I want more time in that world with those characters.

5.  Brookenado asks: In your experience, what’s the difference between a good game and a great game? What elements separate your favorites from the rest?

Bonus question: What characters would you most want to spend Christmas with? (Your ultimate holiday party config)

Tough question! Much like the answer to the first question, my favorite games seem to hit the right notes in my favorite things to look out for: art style, music, characters, engaging story, etc., and while that can apply to a lot of different games I’ve played, I know I love a game when I finish it and I immediately want to replay it. Some games it’s easy to tell why I love it when it has storytelling elements that I already gravitate to: medieval fantasy or steampunk or cyberpunk settings, maybe a carefully crafted love story woven in, complicated and lovable characters, funny and very human moments, among other things. Other times, I can’t immediately tell if I’ll love it, but for some unexpected reason, it will be the right time for me to experience that story because it will resonate with me in a way that it wouldn’t have in another time. Those are honestly the best moments, when the story affects me in a way I hadn’t anticipated and everything about it just feels right.

On a lighter note, who would I want to spend my Christmas with? Well, I doubt the Downside has Christmas, but whatever the equivalent festivities are in the world of Pyre with the Nightwings sounds cozy and warm and an overall good time.

Thank you again for everyone who sent in questions!

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Next post will be a year end round up of my favorite games, so be on the look out for that!

Happy gaming!

~ M

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